Tutoring vs. Language Therapy


Language Therapy

Lessons aimed at helping the student complete their school work


•    Goal is to increase marks through re-teaching

•    Curriculum content is re-taught

•    Uses text books and assessment books as a guide for lessons


•    May not teach appropriately for children with language processing difficulties, or fail to identify language impairment in students; children with severe language impairment may not be accepted into a learning centre

•    Tutor works with student

•    Success is governed by an increase of marks on school tasks (e.g. exams, assignments)

Lessons aimed at giving the student the tools to complete their own work and be successful at school (in academic tasks assessing their knowledge, in functional tasks where the student needs to apply their knowledge, and socially with their peers)

•    Goal is to increase language processing skills to an age-appropriate level; this will positively influence academic results

•    Language goals can be targeted within academic / curriculum context (e.g. current school topics)

•    Uses a variety of tools specifically targeted to the language abilities of each child; uses tools that have been scientifically proven to be effective for children with language processing difficulties

•    Identifies at risk cases and treat the underlying deficits which are a barrier to success; monitoring of progress is ongoing

•    Speech Language Pathologist works with the student, Educational Psychologist, Teachers, Support Teachers, Occupational Therapist, and parents / caregivers 

•    Success is governed by the learning, consolidation and internalisation of language skills in all life contexts; this facilitates independence and resilience in students

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